Record Suspensions

(formerly known as Pardon)

You do not need a lawyer or representative to apply for a record suspension. This will not accelerate the review of your application or convey a special status on it. The Parole Board of Canada treats all applications the same way. For step-by-step instructions on applying for a record suspension, consult the Record Suspension Application Guide . Should you choose to have a representative assist you with your record suspension application, please be advised you must ensure your application package includes a consent form (provided to you by your representative) allowing our office to communicate with, and return your documents to, your representative. As well, a contact phone number must be provided either for yourself, or a direct line to your representative (a general phone number leading to a phone tree will not be accepted).

There are a number of steps to the record suspension process. Please visit The Parole Board of Canada website in order to get started.

If you are eligible for a record suspension, you will need to obtain your criminal record from RCMP in Ottawa. This is done by submitting your fingerprints to RCMP in Ottawa, and they will in turn, provide you with a certified copy of your criminal record. The Victoria Police Department can submit fingerprints to RCMP in Ottawa electronically on your behalf. Please review our fingerprint process here .

One of the steps to complete your Record Suspension application requires you to complete a Local Police Information Check (the required form is in the Record Suspension Application Guide ). This is required in each jurisdiction you have resided in for the last 5 years. The Victoria Police Department processes Local Police Information Checks for addresses located within the City of Victoria and the Township of Esquimalt.

You must include the following in your Local Police Information Check package in order for us to process this for you:

  • $70 processing fee payable by
    • money order made out to the City of Victoria **If you are mailing your package or dropping it off at our Esquimalt office, this is the only acceptable method of payment**
    • cash, debit, or credit card payment made in person at the Victoria Police Department during service hours if you’d prefer to drop your package off in person. **This service is available at our 850 Caledonia Avenue office only**
  • a clear photocopy of your Certified Criminal Record from the RCMP in Ottawa
  • a clear photocopy of 2 pieces of identification showing your current photo and birthdate. Please review our Identification Requirements .
  • a Local Police Records Check form (from the Record Suspension Application Guide ). You must fill out page 1 including Section C and the top portion of page 2.
  • a contact phone number for the applicant. If you choose to work with a lawyer or representative and would prefer to provide their phone number, this must be a direct line to the representative and not to a phone tree system.

Your completed package can be mailed or dropped off at:

Attn: Freedom of Information Office
Victoria Police Department
850 Caledonia Avenue
Victoria BC  V8T J58

Attn: Freedom of Information Office
Esquimalt Police Department
500 Park Place
Victoria BC  V9A 6Z9